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Hello and welcome to our new website!

I have been plunking away for some time to build out this entirely new website. I would say it was specifically for the Extra Life, gaming for charity, marathon that we have scheduled for this coming weekend (11/14/2015), but that would not be entirely correct. Sure, the archive files from that 24-hour stream will, hopefully soon after, be available for your viewing pleasure on this website. I do however have more plans, one of which is to turn this site into a place where all of the Plaid Yeti team may discuss there experiences with a game, either positive or negative, either together or apart. I would like this website to be a place where you can come to watch any of our monthly videos or read any number of articles that we post to discuss those experiences with games.

At first things might start off a little slowly, after of course you indulge in 24 hours of amazing 2015 Extra Life content, but if afterwards and you stick with us, we hope to be a frequent source of entertainment. Just a side development note: some things on the website are currently built out, but are shut off until we have something to post. Some things are planned out, but are in need of more development time, and will be created as needed. So stay tuned for new website features.

For now though; please check out the Extra Life section of this website, watch us this coming weekend, and help out our team by donating to a great cause!

I’ll be in touch here and/or on our twitter page with more details as new stuff on this website rolls out.


/ Jonathan